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Chevalier Dr. David Woolf KCLJ writes:

A Concert in aid of the St Lazarus Charitable Trust to raise money for the relief of Leprosy Sufferers throughout the world.

 Thursday 21st November, 2019, at 7.00pm, St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge

 Includes a rare performance of the Piano Trio in D minor by the English-born composer, Henry Charles Litolff, who is mainly remembered today for the sparkling and light-hearted ‘Scherzo’ from his Concerto Symphonique No. 4, op. 102 for piano & orchestra (1852).

Members of the Order of St Lazarus were pleased to welcome representatives of EMMS International to the recent Investiture weekend in London.  Alison Steele (Development Officer), Kristina Gallagher and Grace Bretnall joined members and friends of the Order at the Annual Chapter Meeting, to update us on their experiences as part of the student elective programme which is supported by the St Lazarus Charitable Trust.

We were pleased to receive further news and photographs of the progress of the TLM projects at the leprosarium in Danja, Niger which are being so generously supported by the Commandery of Wales. 

Chev. David Woolf tells us:

We were able to fund in total three of the seven projects that the LMEW hoped to support this year in their leprosarium in Danja, Niger: (i) the building of latrines for the clinic; (ii) the education for a year of ten pupils in the leprosy clinic school; and (iii) the provision of a year’s worth of medical supplies for the leprosy clinic hospital.

From Chev. David Woolf KCLJ, Commander:

Earlier today I received an update from Andrew Ellis of the Leprosy Mission of England & Wales (LMEW).  You may recall that for World Leprosy Day 2018 the Commandery of Wales raised £3,400. We donated £700 to provide medical supplies for the Samburu Trust in Kenya - Mr Daniel Morris CMLJ, Clinical Director of the Samburu Trust, provided a report in April 2018 as to how those monies have been spent.  The remaining £2,700 was donated to the LMEW for their 2018 project at the leprosarium in Danja, Niger.