Samburu Trust Telemedicine Project - latest update

The telemedicine collaboration between the Order of St Lazarus Commandery of Wales and the Samburu Trust, under the direction of Mr Daniel Morris CMLJ, has been running for two years.  During that time the concept of telemedicine has been proved.  Indeed, it is most pleasing to note that as a direct consequence of this scheme the Leprosy Mission has now established a telemedicine project (part funded by our Commandery) in Nepal.

The Commandery support for the Samburu Trust has also extended to funding the supply of medical supplies used in the treatment of cases prioritised by telemedicine in the field hospitals.

Daniel Morris has written a fifth report detailing the current telemedicine work being undertaken in Samburu funded by the Commandery of Wales, which can be downloaded here.  Please note, this is NOT for the squeamish - it contains very graphic images of some distressing cases.  However, this is the reality of front line field medicine.  It is a great privilege for a Hospitaller Order of Christian chivalry to be involved in such work.