Our projects

During the year ended 31 December 2019 the Trust distributed £93,974.

The Trustees approved, or continued, the following grants from general funds:

EMMS International (formerly the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society): £17,500 to support medical electives (2nd of three grants)

TLM (The Leprosy Mission): £29,081 for the Bankura Vocational Training Centre (2nd of three grants)

The Rufiji Leprosy Trust: £8,300 for general work at Kindwitwi Village and Leprosy Care Centre, Tanzania (3rd of three grants)

LEPRA: £15,174 in respect of a leprosy project in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India (1st of three grants)



Avalon                     £1,000

Cumbria                  £1,469

King Offa                 £2,950

Sussex                    £1,500

Wales                      £12,700

Full accounts and details will appear here once formally approved and examined.