The St Lazarus Charitable Trust

History and Objectives of the Trust

The St Lazarus Charitable Trust was established under a trust deed on 1 March 1983 and registered with the Charity Commission no: 286918.

  The objects of the Trust are:

...the relief of poverty and sickness, the relief of the disabled and the advancement of the Christian religion, and in particular: relief of persons suffering from leprosy; relief of the aged; relief of victims of disaster and war; and the advancement of the Christian Faith.


David Powell KCLJ (Chairman)

Charles Betz OLJ

Laurent Deckers CLJ

Keith Edwards OMLJ

Ivar Grey OLJ

Roger Hirst KLJ

John Reid KCLJ

Grants Secretary:

HE Gareth Vaughan GCLJ

Hon. Treasurer:

Jonathan Prichard KCLJ

Clerk to the trustees:

Val Hiscock DCLJ

Consultants to the trustees:

Prof. Robert Ashford CLJ (Hospitaller, Grand Priory of England & Wales - Trust Manager)

The Revd Fr Alan Gyle SChLJ (Almoner, Grand Priory of England & Wales)

Dr Michael Waters OBE, KCLJ (Former Hospitaller, Grand Priory of England & Wales)

Dr. David Woolf KCLJ

Trustees are initially elected for a term of three years. They can then be re-elected for a further three-year term, but after a period of six years as a trustee they must retire.

Procedures and Policy for Grant making

Grants are made to such institutions and authorities and in a manner as the trustees think fit.

The trustees receive advice from their consultants.

Grants are usually made in October/November each year, and applications should be submitted by 30th September.  In cases of emergency and disasters grants are made at the appropriate time. 

Applications must be in writing, using this pro-forma, and sent to:

The Grants Secretary
The St Lazarus Charitable Trust
2, The Glove Factory
BA22 8SL