'We serve and Jesus heals' – EMMS students meet the Trust

Members of the Order of St Lazarus were pleased to welcome representatives of EMMS International to the recent Investiture weekend in London.  Alison Steele (Development Officer), Kristina Gallagher and Grace Bretnall joined members and friends of the Order at the Annual Chapter Meeting, to update us on their experiences as part of the student elective programme which is supported by the St Lazarus Charitable Trust.

EMMS group 1018

Grace told us of her time at Tansen Mission Hospital in Nepal, focussing particularly on the importance of community care and her role in both the medical and missionary work of the hospital.  Kristina then spoke movingly about her experiences at Karigiri Leprosy Hospital, Tamil Nadu, where much of her work was with recovering leprosy patients, particularly in the area of pain relief.

It was truly inspiring to listen to these 2 young doctors speaking of their work and experiences, and we are delighted to be able to continue to provide support in the form of bursaries to enable more students to travel abroad to assist in the fight against leprosy.

Following the presentations, Alison thanked the Trust for its support, which has now enabled 74 students to take part in the electives scheme.  Returning students are keen to share their stories, and would be happy to take part in meetings at Commandery level – maybe at the Commandery AGM?  It is also possible for a Commandery to 'adopt' an elective student and follow their progress at a more personal level.

If you are interested in knowing more, please do not hesitate to contact either Confrere Dr david.knox9584 [at] gmail.com (David Knox), who co-ordinates our relationship with EMMS International, or the Clerk to the Trustees, Dame val [at] lawfordpark.co.uk (Val Hiscock) – we will be pleased to put you in touch with Alison and the students.