Update: World Leprosy Day Appeal 2018

We were pleased to receive further news and photographs of the progress of the TLM projects at the leprosarium in Danja, Niger which are being so generously supported by the Commandery of Wales. 

Chev. David Woolf tells us:

We were able to fund in total three of the seven projects that the LMEW hoped to support this year in their leprosarium in Danja, Niger: (i) the building of latrines for the clinic; (ii) the education for a year of ten pupils in the leprosy clinic school; and (iii) the provision of a year’s worth of medical supplies for the leprosy clinic hospital.

Earlier today Andrew Ellis, of the LMEW, forwarded some photographs taken last month by one of his colleagues who has just returned from a field visit to the Danja clinic.

Work on the latrines (see previous report) is finished and the school buildings are now completed, to the delight of the governors.

The family who featured in the LMEW 2018 Appeal literature, Mariama, Soude and Habsou, are residents in the Danja leprosarium.  Mariama wanted to learn to sew so that she could help support her family.  With the help of the LMEW Danja appeal Mariama has been taught seamstress skills and provides an income for her family.