More news from the Samburu Trust

Daniel Morris CLJ, CMLJ, Clinical Director, Samburu Trust updates us:
The Order of St Lazarus Commandery of Wales has been most generous to the Samburu Trust in Kenya and we are very grateful for these donations, which have made an immediate difference to Samburu health and wellbeing.
2022 has been a busy year working with the Samburu tribe in our rural clinic in northern Kenya. The clinic has been busier than ever, just like in the UK people are appearing after the pandemic with advanced stages of disease that need to be treated as well as higher levels of burns and trauma than usual.
This is on a background of a second year of drought so the general health and nutrition of the people is poor, making them much more susceptible to disease.
The combination of hard-working staff on the ground and virtual support from the telemedicine clinic in the UK continues to be a powerful tool in providing high quality healthcare to a region of our planet which is otherwise neglected.
However all of this comes at a price and we rely solely on donations at a time when we are all feeling the pinch and other global issues such as the conflict in Ukraine are taking centre stage. We are always grateful for any donations.
Thank you once again from the Samburu people to The Order of St Lazarus Commandery of Wales for their continued generous support of this project.